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A practical handbook on the pharmacovigilance of medicines used in the treatment of tuberculosis - Enhancing the safety of the TB patient.


Special thanks are due to David Coulter, from New Zealand, who prepared the first draft of this handbook and to Geraldine Hill, also from New Zealand who re-worked a number of Annexes. The text underwent further editing by WHO colleagues, and was presented to the WHO Advisory Committee on Safety of Medicinal Products (ACSoMP) at its various stages of development.


We gratefully acknowledge the useful and critical comments from TB and pharmacovigilance experts: Jose A. Caminero, Masoud Dara, Alex Dodoo, Elmira Ibraim, Christian Lienhardt, Sten Olsson, Jayesh Pandit, Daria Podlekareva and Melvin Spigelman.


This Handbook was produced with financial support from the European Commission under its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), as a deliverable of the FP7 'Monitor


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