Work package 5

Training in RCA of subsets of national pharmacovigilance data

Organization: UMC, WHO, NPSA, CMPV

1) To increase the capacity of national pharmacovigilance centres to analyse reports of medication errors.
2) To increase the capacity of national pharmacovigilance centres to identify preventable medication errors and take action to change the behaviour of health care providers in order to minimize their recurrence.


Training on Medication Errors

In March 2011, twenty  representatives from ten   national pharmacovigilance centres received training on medication errors at the Morocco pharmacovigilance centre (CMPV) in Rabat.  The training  was  organized under  the  Monitoring Medicines project funded by the European Commission (FP-7), aimed at  identifying preventable safety problems associated with medicines. The countries attending were Morocco, Kenya, Iran, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, Nigeria, Brazil and  Tunisia. 

Rabat Medication errors training participants.jpg


A full report from the training on Medication Errors in Rabat.

Monitoring Medicines Deliverable D4.pdf


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