Work package 10

Planning and implementation workshops for pilot countries on using active and stimulated passive surveillance for disease-specific pharmacovigilance


1) To increase country capacity to carry out pharmacovigilance for antimalarials and ARVs.

Complementing existing methods in Pharmacovigilance

In June 2011, the Project trainined 6 African Countries ( Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabawe, Botswana, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso) on Cohort Even Monitoring (CEM) of Anti-Malarial Medicines and on Targeted Spontaneous Reporting ( TSR) of adverse events associated with Anti-Retroviral (ARV) Medicines. In November 2011 the project facilitators and participants from three European countries ( Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova) gathered on a training to monitor adverse drug events of ARVs Medicines using Cohort Event Monitoring method.

Kiev 1.jpg  Training in Ukraine

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Training workshops for capacity building in pharmacovigilance methods that complement spontaneous reporting

Pharmacovigilance methods that complement spontaneous reporting D7.pdf

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